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How to Buy the Best Cat Tree

Are you the sort of person who is ever willing to spoil your beloved kitty? Well, if that is the case, then you need to get the Best Cat Tree for your cat. Now, the truth is that finding the best cat tree can be a challenging task. The reason is that you need to select a tree that suits the needs of your cat.

Plus, the tree needs to suit your home décor preferences also. To make things easy, I will give you a complete walkthrough of how you should go about your cat tree selection so that you have no regrets at the end of the day.

Best Cat Tree 2020

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

There is no denying the fact that life has become fast in recent years, so you are looking for comfortable furniture for your pet cat. I remember that when I bought the Go Pet cat tree, then it took me about 30 minutes to assemble the tree.

The reason is that each piece was labeled, so it did not take me a lot of time to assemble the tree. The underlying material is a plush covering. Now, I am the sort of person who believes that the tree should be exciting for the pet, and I feel that one should be able to hang more toys on the trees.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

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The quality board is also put to use to create this cat tree, and this is why it becomes easy for you to staple toys. The best part is that you can be creative also when assembling this tree.

For example, I made it a point to flip the bottom house so that the ladder faced the inside section. Go Pet cat tree is a tall unit so you can also take off the top two perches if you feel the need.
It comes in subtle beige color that goes well with the décor of your house since beige is more of a neutral color.

2. Feandrea Cat Tree

It is the human psyche that when you invest in a cat tree, then you want it to last for a significant time. I remember that when I planned to buy a cat tree, I had so many apprehensions in my mind because I was not sure whether I would get my hands on the appropriate cat tree or not.

I remember that my sister recommended me Feandrea cat tree for the first time. I am a shopaholic when it comes to cat trees, so I am into frequent buying. When I got hold of the Feandrea cat tree, I noticed that it is well-balanced.

Best Cat Tree

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My cat used to jump on it like crazy, but it did not break down in the middle. My cat loved the scratching posts of this tree also, but you will need to teach it how to use the scratching post in an effective way. I am of the opinion that the tree is more suitable to address the needs of large cats.

My cat weighs about 17 pounds, and it could fit into this tree without a problem. Secondly, another thing you need to consider when buying a cat tree is that it should be comfortable.

Feandrea cat tree has soft material, so the onlookers feel that I believe in giving luxurious furniture to my cat.

3. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree

I am an ardent believer of the fact that you should buy your cat tree considering long-term use. A few months back, my friend developed a craze to buy a nice cat tree for her pet. Her cat is regular sized, so she bought an AmazonBasics cat tree.

Before I set my eyes on this tree, I had a strange perception. I believed that cat trees need to be fancy. However, when I saw this AmazonBasics tree at her place, my perception changed. I felt that simple trees could also give a luxurious feel.

Best Cat Trees

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Her house is not very big, so this AmazonBasics tree fit into the décor and did not look odd. I still remember that my friend and I assembled the tree together. I remember that the tree came with clear instructions and pictures.

We were a novice at the job but could manage it well without a problem. The tree makes use of pressboard material that has a twine and carpet covering so that the cat can claw at it.

The truth is cleaning is yet another hassle. However, it does not take my friend a lot of time to clean this tree, and this is one of the reasons that she can manage the cleaning on a regular basis.

4. Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree

My cat loves to watch over the house, but I felt that it needs to be comfortable at the same time. Just a few days back I was searching the internet, and I came across Feandrea Multi-level Cat Tree.

I talked with the manufacturer, and I came across the fact that the cat tree has about 3 plush perches with raised edges. I initially looked at the pictures of this tree, but when I liked the pictures, I decided to order it.

Cat Tree

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Now, whenever a visitor comes to my place, their attention does get diverted to this tree because my cat is often resting its head on the perches. One major concern that most people have related to Multi-level trees is the stability issue.

I remember I was worried about this aspect also. However, this tree makes use of Carb certified particle boards and additional strength gets provided due to the battens at the bottom.

The tree has anti-toppling fittings to contribute to added stability. What I appreciate is that despite the features, I did not have to pay a fortune for this tree. If you have multiple cats like me, then they can fit into this tree without a problem, and they will love this tree.

5. Potby Multi-level Cat Tree

I have a lot of happy memories associated with Potby Cat Tree. Last year my mother moved into a new house, and she had hard-time arranging things. What gave her the most agony is that her cat did not have a comfortable resting place.

Well, she called me up and asked me if I could help in this case. I went and bought this Potby cat tree for her cat. At that time, I was not sure whether I was buying the right cat tree for her cat, but I bought it anyway.

POTBY 67' Multi-Level Cat Tree Play House Climber Activity Centre Tower Stand Furniture, with Scratching Posts, Hammock, Dangling Ball and Condo, Anti-toppling Devices, Suit for Kittens, Cats and Pet

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However, after a few days back, I received a call from my mother, and she was very happy. She told me that she did not have any difficulty in assembling the tree because the instructions were precise.

She also told me that her cat was in a positive spirit all the time since I brought the tree. It jumped from one level to the other. The truth is that my mother is very possessive when it comes to her cat, and she was concerned about the safety issues also when I brought the tree.

Luckily, the tree has a rounded corner design, so her cat did not encounter any injury. My mother told me that when she explored the tree, she came across plenty of scratching posts for her cat, so she was ecstatic.

6. Bewishome Cat Tree

I buy cat trees often. A month back, I got tired of my old cat tree and decided to invest in a new one. Now, I was perplexed about how I should go about your purchase. While surfing, I came across a Bewishome cat tree, and it just clicked me, so I bought it.

The good news is that I made a smart decision on my part when I bought this cat tree. It does not only suit the old cats, but it is ideal for the small kittens also. I did not have to worry about the fact that the kittens will get harmed while playing because the perches have thick cushions.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Tower Kitten Furniture Activity Center Pet Kitty Play House with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Hammock Grey MMJ01B

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I do not like cat trees that simply glue the fabric on to the tree. When I was exploring the tree, I noticed that it has the great quality fabric. I placed the tree in one comfortable corner of my house, and I did not have to get concerned about the fact that the house would tip over because it has a heavy base.

Initially, it was a nightmare for me to image how I would assemble this cat tree. However, when I saw the pictorial directions, things became so easy for me, and I was able to assemble the cat tree in no time.

7. Paws & Pals Cat Tree Condo

I bought a new cat a week back, and this was when the trouble started. The reason is that the cat has this habit of scratching the furniture, and this became a nightmare for me. I knew I had to think of a remedy fast, otherwise, it will ruin my furniture for all times to come.

I called my mum in a state of desperation. She is experienced when it comes to managing cats, so I thought that she was the best person to guide me. When I told her my story, she told me to go for Paws & Pals cat tree.

Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post w/Hammock & Toy | No-Effort Assembly, Sturdy Pressed-Wood w/Vegan Fur Carpet - Pet Bed Scratch Lounge Furniture Best for Kitten & Large Kitty Cats - Tall, Beige

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I had never bought this cat tree before, so I was not sure what was coming my way. Anyhow, I got hold of Paws & Pal cat tree. The minute the tree entered my premises, I noticed that the new cat’s anxiety bouts were over.

The reason is that the tree has a scratching post. Plus, the cat sleeps stretched out to its full-length, so I believe it did not have any muscle stretching issues. When the cat became comfortable, it became playful, and my furniture got saved.

I strongly feel that pets need their personal space also, and this is what my new cat was missing out, and now my trouble is over.

8. New Cat Condos

A friend of mine asked me to suggest some cat trees since I am experienced at the job. Now, the guideline is basic. I am of the opinion that if your pet is not relaxed, then you will also be in a stressed state.

If I gave you a general brief, then it may become difficult for you to make your choice, so I will tell you about the cat tree I reviewed recently, and it met all my parameters. I suggested New Cat Condos to my friend.

New Cat Condos 110215 Large Cat Play Perch, Large, Neutral

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The reason is that when I set my eyes on it, then it gives the feeling that your cat will enjoy using it. If a cat tree fails to appeal at first sight, then it is not worth it. My friend had an 18 lb. cat, so this cat tree suited the weight of the cat.

Another thing that I will like to mention here is that when we design our rooms or decorate them, then we focus on the construction a lot. I believe that if you love your pet, then you should have the same school of thought for your pet also.

What I appreciate about Cat Condos is that it is well-made. It seems that the manufacturer took the pain to come up with the design. It is just not my opinion alone. When my friend saw this treehouse, she readily agreed that it added up to the beauty of her house.

9. Armarkat Cat Tree

As the number of cats started to increase in my house, I felt the need to bring in a cat tree that can address the needs of multiple cats that have varying weight. For example, one of my cats weighs about 10lbs. And another cat weighs about 14lbs.

Now, I cannot invest in separate cat trees. The middle way out for me was to go for a cat tree that suited the needs of both the cats. Just for a change, I got hold of the Armarkat cat tree, and I never knew that I was making a valuable investment.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A5201, Beige

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The compliment that I get the most for this cat tree is that it looks decent. I am not the sort of person who will accommodate any heavy colored items in my house. The best part is that the cat tree has a small footprint.

I have a low suspended ceiling and this why the Armarkat cat tree suited me because it does not have a massive height. The good news is that you get cat toys also when you buy this cat tree.

I did not have a lot of money to spend on the toys, so this was a blessing in disguise for me. I believe that the Armarkat cat tree works well for those people who adore simplicity.

10. Midwest Curious Cat Cube

My brother is the sort of person who loves his pets and pampers them to an extreme. Recently, he updated the décor of his house. He felt that his pet cat also needed a new cat tree. However, he was not willing to go for traditional designs. He wanted something different.

I remember we had a discussion over this for hours together on the phone. We finally decided to go for Midwest Curious Cat Cube. What my brother loved about this cat tree is the out of the box design.

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Condo | Tri-Level Design in Brown Faux Suede & Synthetic Sheepskin | 14.6L x 14.72W x 30.39H Inches

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Multiple cats tend to fit into the cat tree without a problem. The cube has three toy balls also which have bells. Initially, my brother was concerned whether his cat will approve of this cat tree or not, but he was in for a pleasant surprise because the cat willingly moved into the cat tree.

I believe that the Midwest cat tree is designed to suit the instinct of the cat, and this is why it welcomed the change. Apparently, this cat tree gives a luxurious look, but it is designed to be stable. My brother did not talk about any toppling concerns, so I believe that he did not face an issue in the first place.

Women Cat Tree

How to Choose a Cat Tree

When you walk out in the market, then there are plenty of cat trees available. It is essential to define your selection criteria. Secondly, you also need to keep the preferences of your cat into consideration.

Consider the material that your cat prefers

You should go for the material that appeals to your cat. If your cat is in the habit of spending more time outside, then you should go for a wood cat tree. Check if your tree has cardboard scratchers. The benefit of this practice is that the cardboard scratchers can get replaced with ease.

Choosing between vertical or horizontal scratching post

When you buy cat trees, then you will come across two different types of scratching posts. You can go for the horizontal scratching post or vertical scratching post. For this, you need to observe the habits of your cat.

If your cat is in the habit of scratching carpets, then you should think along the lines to go for a horizontal scratching post. On the contrary, if your cat is in the habit of scratching the furniture legs, then you should go for a vertical scratching post.

Observe the  base of the tree

Do not just go for the apparent appeal when you buy the cat tree. You need to pay attention to little details. For example, you should make it a point to examine the base of the tree. It is vital that the scratching post should be attached to a wide base that does not tend to wobble when the cat climbs on to the tree.

Keep the height and weight of your cat into consideration

Before buying the cat tree, it is mandatory to measure the height and weight of the tree, so that you are confident of the fact that the tree can accommodate the entire weight of your cat.

Do not ignore the personality of your cat

Another thing you should keep in mind when buying the cat tree is the personality of your cat. There are trees that may have multiple appendages. It is vital that you check the appendages for instability. The reason is that many cats have this habit of using the tree for exercising.

If your cat has a timid nature, then you need to go for a cat tree that looks more like a condo and provides space to your cat to hide. If your cat tends to get excited easily, then you need to look for a cat tree that offers it more space to play.

If you have multiple cats, then you need to make sure that each cat gets the space it wants. The cats should not get the feel  that they are invading on each other’s territory.

Design plays a role

You should go for a cat tree that suits modern living. Let us assume that you have a modern home. Well, in this case, you should go for a tree that has multiple climbing and playing spaces.

The modern cat trees are available in beautiful black and white colors also.

Once you buy a cat tree, then it is natural to be keen to buy play accessories for your cat also. What you need to keep in mind is that old cats are often content in climbing a plain tree, but this may not be the case with a young cat.

It may want you to add play accessories like hanging toys. If you do not hang toys for the young cats, then they tend to get bored with the cat tree. When you buy a cat tree, make sure that you do not invest in a very expensive cat tree.

The reason is that the preferences of your cat may change with the passage of time, and it may outgrow the old tree.

The Cat Tree

Mistakes you should avoid when Buying a Cat Tree

When you are mentally ready to buy a cat tree, then make sure that you make your purchase from a reliable manufacturer. If you go for an unreliable manufacturer, then you may have to compromise on the quality of the treehouse, and this can be upsetting.

Most people forget to check the warranty also. When you go for a cat tree manufactured by a reputed company, then in most of the cases, you can get a full-year warranty also. Another mistake most cat owners do is that they buy a cat tree without a plan.

The best approach is that when you intend to buy a cat tree, then you should observe the behavior of your cat for a few days. The benefit of this practice is that it will become easy for you to identify the preferences of your cat, and you will not end up buying a tree that your pet does not prefer.

Once you observe the behavior of your cat, then you should make sure that you come up with a checklist, and mark all the essential requirements in the checklist. When you are about to purchase the cat tree, then check if the features offered can get mapped against the requirements mentioned in the checklist.


By now, I believe you know how to go about your cat tree purchase. Ensure that you follow the guidelines mentioned above, so that you can buy a cat tree that offers value to your pet.

Another essential aspect that I will like to mention here is that even if you go for the best cat tree, you will need to put in a significant amount of effort to keep the tree clean. If you do not indulge in this practice, then the cat tree will start to experience wear and tear.

There is another tip that I will like to give you before I conclude.  You may face a situation where your cat does not get attracted to the tree right away. When you buy a new tree, then give some time to your cat to get accustomed to the tree.

I hope my content offers value to you. If yes, do not forget to comment and share.

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