How to Bathe a Kitten Is Right?

Bathe a kitten gives many owners a headache. Even getting them to beauty spas with dog and cat baths becomes difficult. With their fangs and sharp claws, they can attack anyone. Tell me it’s their owner. The reason they don’t like to bathe is that cats are fearful and don’t like water.

Bathing In Kittens

Bathe a Kitten from an Early Age

Bathe A Kitten From An Early Age

When you first bath kittens at home, try not to make bathing a bad thing for them. How to bathe a kitten is very important. Do not try to get them by splashing with healthy water or similar action. If you have another cat in your home who doesn’t like to bathe, don’t let the kittens see you struggling with them every time you bathe.

For kittens who get used to the water early, don’t bathe too often. About two months to be able to shower again is the best time. Make sure to keep them warm. Do not use cold water, but rather moderately warm water. And let the water in contact with the first foot.

Some Notes When Bathing Kittens

When showering kittens, be gentle and comfort them. Every action that takes place must be kind. Avoid getting water splashed in their eyes and nose. Especially before bathing, you should cut their nails first. Sharp nails can hurt yourself. More necessary can wear protective gloves. The shower space should be tight, preferably in the bathroom, and closed.

Use a suitable kitten shower gel. Fragrant does not irritate skin and hair. Help your cat adapt to the bathing process correctly from the beginning. This will help you a lot as they grow up. You can refer to the procedure for bathing a kitten right below by a veterinarian.

Proper Procedure for Bathing Kittens

Proper Procedure For Bathing Kittens

First, softly brush them. Use a dedicated bristle brush to do this. Before you bathe your kitten, you can check the water temperature with your hand. The most suitable temperature is about 37 – 38 degrees.

After wetting the body, clean gradually from neck to feet. Places such as the ears and the corners of the eyes should also be washed. Mix an appropriate amount of shower gel on your body. Then remember to rinse the shower gel with warm water. Keep the kitten in a clean towel and pat dry. Dry the cat with a dedicated dryer at the appropriate temperature. After you have completed the drying step, groom your cat.