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Sharing Experiences of Caring for Cats is Always Healthy

Cats are one of the closest pets to many people. However, it is not easy to keep your cat healthy and well-developed. It would be best if you had proper care. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to take care of these “meow” friends.

Cute cats always make babies excited and no longer feel lonely. Sometimes when dad is busy at work, his mom is busy cooking rice and doesn’t have time to play with him. The adorable cats will be his dear friends.

House of Cats

Preparation is quite essential. Please set aside a corner of the house to make a cat litter box. Such as the foot of the stairs. You can buy a lovely basket with a cotton mattress or a beautiful home for the future cat of the family.

After cleaning the house, You and baby can safely choose a healthy and pretty cat. To select a healthy and lovely cat breeds, you must also learn very meticulously. Cats must have agile gait, smooth fur, bright eyes, around the mouth, and rimless eyes. When the cat’s neck lifted and you see his hind legs and tail moving toward the front of the belly, this cat will be very healthy.

House Of Cats

Cat Food

The mother also does not need to worry when learning and processing dishes that are very attractive and easy for cats. For kittens, milk is the most preferred product. After the period of breastfeeding, mothers should let the baby practice with kittens or rice flour. When cats grow, they love rice mixed with fish, braised meat, and you can add to vegetables.

Remember that cats are afraid of salt, so season with a little salt. And every day, you should remind the baby to change the bowl of water for cats 2 to 3 times. When too busy, you can also go to the supermarket to buy some dry food for cats of brands like Royal Canin Club, Kent, etc. to change the taste.

Best Dry Cat Food

Bathe the Cat Miu

Cats are as active and naughty as your baby, so sometimes they are very unhygienic. So hygiene and bathing the cat is also a critical stage. You can wash your cat 1 to 2 times a week. First of all, yours have to prepare warm water, towels, shower gel, comb, and dryer.

Because cats are susceptible and easy to get sick, it is essential to shower quickly, dry, and avoid splashing your eyes and ears. When you bathe the cat, the baby is always there to support her, and sometimes she also has to soothe the cat so the cat will not be angry and scratched.

Raising cats is also a way for your baby to practice caring and to love the animals right from the baby. From there, the baby can learn and help his mother a lot in housework such as cooking and cleaning when he grows up, and more importantly, he will love and care for family members more.

Bathe The Cat Miu

Let the Cat Live in the House

The average life expectancy of cats if living in the house is 13 years. But if cats live freely outside the home, the life expectancy is reduced by three years compared to cats living indoors.

Because when a cat lives outside, they often encounter other dangers or disadvantages such as a polluted environment, which can be bullied and attacked by dogs or other wildlife or other “thugs.” All of these factors have the potential for catastrophic risk and death.

Let The Cat Live In The House

Get Your Cat Vaccinated Regularly

Vaccinating cats is essential to keep them healthy, less sick, and prevent the spread of disease to both the breeder and family members. You can treat cats to avoid diseases such as leukopenia, Herpes virus pneumonia, rabies, infectious tracheitis, etc. Follow strict immunization schedules for cats.

Get Your Cat Vaccinated Regularly
Get Your Cat Vaccinated Regularly

Ensure Diet for Cats

For any human or animal, a specific diet is very required. You should set up a proper diet for cats to ensure they have enough nutrients during adulthood. If you do not have much time, you should choose processed foods that are nutritious and need to go to a reputable place to buy cat food to ensure the physical health of your “friends.”

High-quality foods are usually expensive, but make you feel secure about the calories, protein, fiber, and fat they provide. Do not give your cat rancid fish meat, chicken bones, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, herbs, raisins, almonds, potatoes, etc.

Ensure Diet For Cats

If your cat is picky, consider adding foods like multivitamins or calcium. If your cat has flaky skin or dull hair, supplement with vitamins, minerals, or omega. If your cat has arthritis, try taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplements through cat supplements or osteoarthritis medications.

Keeping Cat’s Mouth Hygiene

When cats are two years old, they are more likely to suffer from dental problems due to a lack of oral hygiene or regular veterinary checkups. It would be best if you had a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your cat’s teeth.

Start by getting your cat familiar with the taste of toothpaste for pets, then brush along the upper teeth gums, then brush from back to front. It only takes 30 seconds for you to finish cleaning your cat. If you take the time to care for your cat regularly, you will not have to pay large sums of money to treat dental problems for cats.

Keeping Cat's Mouth Hygiene

Let the Cat Play and Enjoy

Play helps support kittens with physical development and interaction skills. Cats will change the way they play when they grow up, and by the time cats reach 14 weeks of age, they mostly enjoy playing with objects. You will notice, grab, paw, scratch, and bite. These are all necessary hunting skills for cats.

Play is a way for cats to satisfy their hunting instincts, minimize boredom, prevent bad behavior, and also be a way for cats to lose weight, improve health.

Let The Cat Play And Enjoy

Currently, on the market, there are many toys for cats such as string balls, cotton mice, rake claws … Please ‘hunt’ some toys or let cats play with things available around you like feathers, balls, cotton rolls, paper bags (not plastic), cardboard boxes.

Cats will have fun and never get bored. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see them playing with toys.

Sterilization for Cats

Sterilization is the safest and most effective way to control the number of pets, as well as to reduce the impact of sex hormones on their behavior, especially male cats.

Accordingly, when the sterilization is complete, cats’ personality improves, becomes more friendly, less wandering, fleeing, or biting people. It also reduces the likelihood of cancers and prevents the number of cats being stolen for food or reduces the number of stray cats.

Sterilization For Cats

Periodic Health Check for Cats

Don’t forget to schedule your cat’s annual routine visits. It is essential if your cat is entering the early stages of old age. If your cat shows unusual behavior, you should take your cat to a veterinarian.

Periodic Health Check For Cats

Cats often hide sickness than dogs. Therefore, you should observe and pay close attention to cats to quickly show the disease as well as potential symptoms.

Look for reputable places to buy and sell cars. Owning a pet cat is healthy and adorable.

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